Body Sugaring is the oldest form of hair removal in the world. Its origins are based in the ancient civilizations of the Middle East and even Ancient Egypt. Sugar paste recipes have been found as early hieroglyphics.


The sugar is a 98°F paste that I create myself. I lived with the Royal Family of Turkey in London. The matriarchal grandmother, raised in the Dalmache Palace in Istanbul, shared her formula for sugar with me. I observed her and her daughter boil sugar and practice on their legs. Decades later, having retired from work as a pastry chef, I brought my knowledge in sugar to the spa industry where I have practiced and mastered this art for 17 years.

Body sugaring can be applied to any part of the human body from the waist down and up to the neck. Sugaring is the least painful of all hair removal methods and the water soluble paste requires no recovery time. No product is left on the body.

The 98°F sugar paste is molded on the body and the hair and the root and the follicle removed.

The human body is already 98°F, and the paste works at the same temperature so one will never be burned. Sugar removes dead skin patches and also exfoliates the skin in each session. What makes sugar superior to wax is that it's all natural. Sugaring does not have the same risk factors as wax. No cross contamination can take place, as bacteria can not survive in sugar. Wax is resin which can make the skin break out immediately. The sugaring process also lasts longer. As sugar removes the bulb and the hair the return growth is baby soft. Shaving and wax can cause the hair regrow with a blunt, bristle like edge. The skin does not recognize wax as being natural, therefore, even before hair is removed there may be a breakout. From a health and safety prospective, sugar again surpasses wax. Sugar is all breakout due to sugar! From a health and safety prospective, sugar again surpasses wax.

All Brazilian hair removal for men/women are booked in 45 minute appointments at $75.00. This is from extreme pubis hair removal to subtle. Posterior, midline and anterior. Bikini epilation falls under this rate and time.

Minimum Appointment Time 30 minutes at $60

Sugaring Time Suggestions:

Full Legs 90 min

Half Legs 30-45 min

Back and Shoulders 45-75 min depending on level of density.

Arms 30-45 min

Full Body 2-3 hours

Men’s Body Grooming 75-90 min

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Sugaring requires 1/8” of hair growth

What is not sugared is addressed in body grooming. A 75 minute session for initial visits is suggested, as hair quality and thickness is different on everyone.

The success of sugaring is dictated by the health of the skin. The more exfoliated and moisturized the better the results.


If you're considering body grooming, you must care about how you look and can appreciate the sensuous qualities of your skin. If you really want to pamper yourself - and look and feel great - we recommend the following:

One to two days before your first sugaring treatment, come in for any body treatment. We get rid of any flaky, sun damaged or dehydrated skin. We also soothe and care for sensitive skin and areas where you might have eczema or psoriasis. The way we do it will make you glow.

Thorough body polishing as a prerequisite for perfect hair removal is accomplished with a dry brushing and organic sugar scrub. A further step in conditioning skin for preparation is a head to toe wrap in Hungarian treatment mud or seaweed. Balancing the body with an application of argan oil or shea butter will leave the body a perfect canvas for body sugaring!

Home Care

Take care of your skin. We offer a number of top-quality products not readily available elsewhere (or on TV) to help you do this:

Supracore Honey Comb Loofah - to help you exfoliate on a daily basis (be gentle). Made from the same surgical plastic as heart valves; it will not grow bacteria.

Return Visits

The suggested timeline for return is 4 weeks. All hair goes through the greatest stage of growth at the 4 week mark. This growth spurt in all hair is called anagenisis. By returning at the 4 week mark, we head the hair off at the pass, and you begin to see the hair stunt in growth. It returns softer, in patches, or not at all.