Holistic Facials are clearly defined as the practice of healing by constantly keeping the whole body (the physical body, the mind and the spirit) at the highest level of total wellness. Both integrative skin care and massage support all the systems of the body to aid self healing. One cannot treat the skin and compartmentalize the face since the skin is the largest organ of the human body.

Chinese medicine is applied in the healing arts from shiatsu to acupuncture which includes elemental nature. The metal element manifests in hair and skin. Metal controls “wood”and “wood” manifests in the liver. Addressing the internal is huge in the ability to improve the skin and promote self healing.

In our personal health, we have begun a practice of whole plant dietary choices which influences a large piece of this puzzle. Anti-aging is the reduction of inflammation making an anti-inflammatory diet important.

To support our path of our wellness, all the products we choose to use in facials are organic. The ingredients in each bottle are synergistically formulated to work together in addressing the lymph, circulatory, chi, blood, and endocrine systems.

Detoxification is also important. Since skin care enters the blood stream through the hair follicle, it is vital not to introduce hidden ingredients which may trigger a healing crisis or an inflammatory response. Laurel Whole Plant Organics, gives the skin everything Mother Nature would dream of. The sourcing, the ethics, the intention, the vibration of plants and flowers are crucial in establishing balance. In society the overuse of pharmaceutical ingredients has led many of us to sensitive skin or auto-immune issues.

With skin care lines that we believe in, the term “slow beauty” is established to indicate the self corrections the body can produce. The term “farm to facial” is used in understanding the level of purity and non toxicity in the products used in treatment and retail.

Practicing healing arts is a journey, a journey that requires us all to look at many aspects of our lives. In this day and age, buying one retail product from an unknown source, utilizing a medical prescription, or having invasive treatments will not resolve underlying issues. You may be eliminating one symptom only to have it reappear as a different symptom.

“Soulful” describes the environment we have created here. Soulful is the utmost level of nurturing one could practice to end unnecessary suffering and self inflicted issues. Waking up daily and making the best choices possible to one’s self care, health and diet are vital. We are the messengers who carry information, support, love, and care through unspoken words and hands on treatments. As messengers we draw attention to improved routine habits in self care and well being. 

Holistic skin care has layers, as the skin, and many topics need be considered. If you have an inner voice whispering interest or queries, we would love to be the care takers and messengers to help your skin radiate pure, positive health!


Whole Plant Organics

Farm to Face Facial

Laurel Whole Plant Organics is a flower and herb based facial care line which has the highest possible standards for organic, biodynamic, and unrefined whole plant ingredients. They are the pioneer of slow farmed skincare. 

Laurel was created by a founder with a background of sommelier and herbalist. The purity and integrity of the products are what makes the formulas so effective.  The science of healing earth can shine through the higher concentrated botanical extracts. 

Laurel Whole Plant Organics signature facials are offered at Koru Touch. We choose to use the Laurel Skincare line in facials because of the commitment to our own lifestyles.  We are awakening and learning what toxic load is, realizing that the beauty industry formulates with over 80,000 chemicals, not clinically tested. It’s time to raise the bar for skincare ingredients in our society where cancer is, sadly, a common diagnosis. If plant based compounds in science are the basis of many pharmaceutical drugs why wouldn’t it be in our best interest to achieve balance in the skin so as to support self healing without the toxic chemicals. The most effective skin care can and should be raw, organic, farm sourced, handcrafted, and made with love. 

The power houses of botany are made available to firm, lift, brighten, and eradicate sun damage. This certified holistic facial addresses those chief complaints. The Laurel signature facial balances Ph while giving the skin all the support, especially addressing anti aging. The facial reduces inflammation while fortifying and enriching the skin’s natural integrity.

Our Abundant Harvest facial is customized to your skin's unique needs. It offers holistic, yet potent medical grade plant medicine that does not force the skin but creates a cellular communication between your skin and the plants that allows your skin to do what it is able and ready to do while achieving amazing results.

Be pampered. Experience having your skin rested and aided, healthy and glowing.

For more information, samples and ordering Laurel Whole Plant Organics products, please contact Koru Touch directly via email: [email protected]

Farm to Face Facial: Antioxidant Garden

60 min $95 

Abundant Harvest Facial

90min $150

Holistic Facials/Skin Care Consultation

Intake form will be emailed after scheduling and needs to be completed prior to visit.

30 min $50

Seaweed Skincare

OSEA of Malibu Skincare of the Sea

OSEA Express Facial

Address your skin’s unique needs with this customized facial combining natural sea elements and antioxidants. Wild Gigartina seaweed feeds your skin and delivers active antioxidants for a visible glow.

25 minutes $50.00 (Add on service)

Tsubo Wave Facial

Invoking techniques inspired by Chinese Acupressure, the Tsubo Wave Facial features deep pore cleansing, a skin-specific restorative mask, and a deeply relaxing Chinese Acupressure.  This nutrient-rich treatment is activated with an anti-inflammatory Bioptron Polorized Light Therapy. Awaken your skin and invoke a profound sense of inner peace and shining outer beauty.

60 minutes $95.00

Deep Sea Age Defying Facial

Experience our premier age-defying facial. Therapeutic Esalen techniques and Shiatsu massage blended with pure mineraling seaweed and Hyaluronic Sea Serum revitalize your skin to reveal a luminous glow. Mineralizing and toning massage plumps and nourishes your skin while Bioptron Polorized Light Therapy technologies stimulate the production of collagen and elastin for visible toned and brightened skin.

90 minutes $145.00