Esogetic Colorpuncture

Colorpuncture is an exceptionally soothing holistic health service. It leaves you feeling a deeper connection to your inner self the way a massage or accupuncture might. Time moves a little differently in this session, showing up for yourself goes hand in hand with your emotional wellbeing, so come prepared to be present in all aspects. You need to wear loose fitting clothing. This treatment allows the client never to disrobe. The physical body can only relax and heal in rest and digest. We are harmonizing body, mind and spirit in this service.

We are experiencing complex times and we are all coming to a deeper connecton with ourselves. Along our journey, often before our conscious memory, energy pathways and rhythms were practiced. Colorpuncture and the tools of Esogetic Medicine provide a safe and effective way of balancing and reminding these rhythms of their natural path. Colored light also contains information and we are using it. When body, soul and spirit are communicating with each other harmoniously, we are healthy. When they do not, then symptoms of stasis, standstill occur, usually termed disease. If recognized in time, these patterns are only information for us. We can change the situation.

Today there are over 200 Colorpuncture protocols that have been clinically developed and honed over the last 40 years by Dr Peter Mandel. They can be used alone or in combination to help anyone, wherever they are on their path. Each session is unique.

ESOGETIC is not simply a fusion of esoteric – from the ancient Greek for “inner realm” – and energetic, but much more. It is an attitude combining research into cause and effect and an open curiosity for old and new knowledge.