Reflecting on Greg’s life story…….

Gregory T Cartwright, LMBT(NC)#11331, LMT(NY), LE (NC/NY)

I am originally from Los Angeles, CA, but consider myself an international citizen. I have crisscrossed the world and at various times have called New York City, London, and San Francisco my home. In 2013 I touched down in North Carolina, land of my mother, seeking a calmer and slower pace of life in which to bring together and share the knowledge and experience of the holistic arts that I had gained.

In my global travels I have always sought out to learn and practice the best in esthetic and holistic care practices. I have been a licensed Esthetician and Massage Therapist for 20 years. My practice has increasingly gravitated towards holistic facials, and integrative massage therapy.

In 2019, I was formally trained under Yakov Gershkovich at The International Aesthetic Sculpture Lift Technique Massage School. This education honed my facial treatment practice to focus on the technique and benefits of facial massage rather than the use of a specific product.

My practice as a Holistic Esthetician came to its clearest vision in 2017 being introduced to Laurel Whole Plant Organics. Created by Laurel Shaffer, the Laurel Skincare range demonstrates intension, and pure plant power in all its formulations. This apothecary of product is food for the skin. Farm to face treatments reveal a moment of clarity in the mind, body and soul.

In September 2016, I received my Certification in Holistic Facials from Neal’s Yard in conjunction with the International Federation of Practicing Aromatherapists

As far back as January 2012, I have been an Esthetician practicing with OSEA seaweed skincare. This organic, vegan and gluten free range, was my maiden introduction to represent a non-toxic range. OSEA offers full transparency, as a cancer survivor I would only use risk free and non-toxic product for myself and clientele.  

My relationship with Aromatherapy Associates in London ignited my use of essential oils in treatment. Geraldine Howard, founder and Aromatherapist to the Royal Family, gave me a huge foundation in treatment and product use. Training in London, the headquarters of Aromatherapy Associates supplied a perfect knowledge of 5 star luxury aromatherapy treatments. 

My mastery of body sugaring was fine tuned at Alexandria Body Sugaring in Niagra Falls, Canada, 2003. 

In 2002 I completed the 600 hour program in Esthiology Science with the Aveda Institute New York, NY. Broadening my skill set and satisfying my lifelong passion for skin care, I was elated to begin my profession in Esthetics.

In 1998 I enrolled in a 2 year program at The Swedish Institute for Applied Sciences New York, NY.  I completed an AA in Occupational Health Studies. Trained in Shiatsu and Western Swedish massage, this esteemed academic and science curriculum provided a foundation of knowledge that I continue to use in my daily practice.

Traveling to Chiang Mai, Thailand in 2000 I underwent formal Thai Massage Training. The Thai Massage School Shivagakomarpaj (Old Medicine Hospital) OMH provided instruction on Thai massage, theory, and the role of energetic meridians in bodywork and natural healing. 

From 2001-2011 I was owner and operator of Downtime Massage & Skincare in New York, NY. Downtime Massage & Skincare brought into convergence my passion and skill for Massage Therapy and traditional European Facials.

Graduating from the world renowned Esalen Institute in Big Sur, California in 2013 as a certified Esalen Massage Therapist reaffirmed my commitment to an integrative approach massage therapy.

My skillset as a Practitioner of the Arvigo Techniques of Maya Abdominal Massage was completed in 2015. The Arvigo Technique of Maya Abdominal Therapy is an external, gentle manipulation that helps to reposition internal organs of the digestive and reproductive system. Repositioning organs that have shifted help to restore healthy and optimal blood, lymph, nerve, and energy flow within the body.

The training as an Arvigo practitioner stimulated me to explore further natural solutions of pain management for those who wish to take an active role in their own healing.

Liz Koch author of “The Psoas” has been a major influencer in somatic health. I completed The Professional Application Course in 2018 having studied extensively under her direct supervision. The Psoas is a muscle that is the core of who we are, emotionally and structurally. The greater understanding of Liz Koch's lifelong work with The Psoas, allows me to continue to be proactive and more supportive to those wishing to live a pain free life.

Ray's Story...

Ray Pruett - Cosmetologist (NC), Esogetic Colorpuncture

I was born into a family with a strong interest in the healing arts. My father was the first acupuncturist in North Carolina. This was very avant-garde for North Carolina in the 1970s. My childhood was definitely colorful and much of what I learned about energy from eastern medicine is at the core of my work today.

I had a childhood fascination with make up and cosmetic potions. Soon I learned that I also have a natural gift with hair. By the time I was 18 years old I was seeing 25 people per week in my home living room. A very kind and generous friend insisted that I go to cosmetology school and she set it up for me. My first week at Leon's Beauty School a company named Aveda had a special weekend training at our school to announce their new natural product line. I immediately felt a connection. After cosmetology school I helped open the first Aveda concept salon in North Carolina, Devas. I worked there with the same wonderfully talented team of people for 10 years. During that time I also taught on the road for Aveda. I did trade shows, platform work and in salon education programs. I was also on the US artistic team for the Dutch haircolor manufacturer Keune for the first two years it was in the United States. I owned and operated my own salon and spa for four years. Then was the creative director for Chakras Spa in Greensboro North Carolina. We had over 50 hairdressers, spa and support staff. During that time, I attended the Aveda London Academy for advanced haircolor and haircutting techniques.

At what I thought was the height of my hairdressing career I had a major shoulder accident. A posterior dislocation and total destruction of my humeral head and shoulder capsule. I was misdiagnosed by two doctors and my third doctor was the head of sports medicine for Duke University. He did an amazing reconstruction of my shoulder. He also informed me that I would never do hair or spa services again. I reinvented my world.

One of my clients was the CEO of a start up music software company. She hired me to consult on design and aesthetics of the office. She quickly understood that I was also a computer geek. The software was very sophisticated and involved live playback of recorded samples of the London Symphony Orchestra. I really saw the vision of application in live performance in Broadway style shows. I was instrumental in project managing the software code base with a full staff of developers to have a product that actually would work for live performance. I worked at trade shows meeting customers, I built relationships with theatrical rights houses in New York and did mountains of research on copyright law and digital rights management. NOTION Music still exists today and the software is what it is today because of the work that I did. The company was sold two years ago and is still successfully supporting live performances of touring Broadway shows. That was a very exciting part of my life and I learned a great deal. Reinvention time again.

The healing arts still are at the core of my being. I have been an advocate for clean air, clean water and local clean food all of my life. I teach people that they are responsible for the thoughts in their head and if they really want to be beautiful it starts there. I have gained so many skills over my lifetime to date. I am committed to being kind, loving and to seeking the truth in all of my relationships. I am mindful of the footprint that I leave on this earth. I am mindful of the vibration that I contribute to this moment. The product lines I use align with my philosophy too.

In September 2016, I completed a case study program for Holistic Facials with Neal’s Yard Remedies. I completed my course at the flagship site in Covent Garden, London at Neal’s Yard Remedies. NYR has provided me with a Certification in Holistic Facial Massage.

In 2019, I was formally trained under Yakov Gershkovich at The International Aesthetic Sculpture Lift Technique Massage School. This education honed my facial treatment practice to focus on the technique and benefits of facial massage rather than the use of a specific product.

Since 2018 I have been formally training in Esogetic Colorpuncture, created by Peter Mandel, a german scientist and naturapath. Esogetic Colorpuncture is a holistic healing system which offers a unique way to get to the very roots of many health problems in a very kind and gentle way.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What are your COVID19 health and safety measures?

A: We are reducing the number of clients seen daily in order to provide you with a peaceful, safe sanctuary whilst maintaining the highest possible standards of sanitation and privacy.  We would appreciate your help by reading and following these guidelines.

1. You will be asked the following questions prior to and upon arrival:

a. Do you have or have you had a fever in the last 72 hours? (we may take your temperature with a temporal thermometer)

b. Do you have a persistent dry cough?

c. Do you have a sore throat?

d. What has your (yourself and housemates) travel schedule been?

e. Have you been exposed to anyone with COVID19?

f. What degree of quarantine have you been under?

g. What kind of work have you been doing?

2. We maintain our existing policy that you wear no perfume, cologne, scented lotion or chemically fragranced hand sanitizers.

3. Please text us upon arriving to our parking area. Please wait in your car. Anyone accompanying you must remain in the outdoor seating or their car. We will return your text when we are ready for you. With the exception of a purse or bag please leave all personal items in your car.

4. Upon entering, please remove your shoes and leave them in the sunroom. There are socks to use as slippers or you can bring your own.

5. When walking though the facility we ask you not to touch anything. We will escort you to the restroom to wash your hands and change clothing and then to your freshly sanitized treatment room.

6. We will be wearing masks to provide treatment.

7. Time slots for appointments will be rigorously adhered to, please be on time.

8. The checkout process will be slightly more streamlined to minimize customers coming into contact with other guests.

9. We do request a 24hr cancelation of your appointment. However, if you’re in doubt about your health…please don’t come in. Please call, text or email us and let us know what is going on.

Q: How do I make an appointment?

A: Schedule online using the online scheduling at the bottom of the page.

Q: What is your cancellation policy?

A:  You have scheduled a private room, change or cancellation earlier than 24 hours requires full payment.  Last minute cancellations or No Shows will be subject to payment in full.  

Q: Where are you located exactly?

A: Our address is 2540 Greenwich Rd. Winston Salem, 27104. Greenwich runs between Knollwood and Country Club. We are the 4th house on the right coming from Knollwood. We are located in a residential neighborhood. There is a large ceramic pot with a Japanese Pine where the driveway meets the street. Red brick with black shutters. Please park in back. There is generally plenty of parking. We have 3 large raised bed garden boxes there, so you’ll know you’re at the right house. Come up to the sunporch on the back of our house instead of the front door.  

Q: Are there showers?

A: Yes.

Q: As a male or a female client I like to wear scented lotion, perfume/cologne/aftershave, and body spray. Is this a issue?

A: We have a policy of asking the guest never wear fragrance. We are and many of our clients are very sensitive to manufactured fragrances.

Q: In the Arvigo Therapy, as you massage the abdominal to the pubic bone, am I naked?

A: In the Arvigo Therapy, underpants can remain on for comfort level. There is always a draping. You are never exposed.

Q: In the Arvigo Treatment, is there contact with the genitals?

A: In Arvigo Therapy the experience is so profound we use prayer and song to allow the body to have its own experience in healing. There is never any contact with genitals.

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