Reflecting on Greg’s life story…….

Gregory T Cartwright, LMBT(NC)#11331, LMT(NY), LE (NC/NY)

I am a native Southern Californian from Los Angeles, CA, originally. Having a mother who is a North Carolinian, brought me to North Carolina to seek quality of living. In the past I have called New York City, London, and San Francisco home.

In September 2016, I completed a case study program for Holistic Facials with Neal’s Yard Remedies. Returning to my beloved London, I completed my course at the flagship site in Covent Garden, London at Neal’s Yard Remedies. Moving forward NYR has provided me with a Certification in Holistic Facials.

In Western massage therapy, the two areas I feel that go unaddressed with male and female clients is effective abdomial work. The Arvigo Techniques of Maya Abdominal Therapy, provide prostate wellness for men and support for women in uterus alignment. This sacred massage technique was brought to the modern world by Rosita Arvigo, a naturopath by the last Maya Shaman on earth. Intricate sacral and abdominal work has been illuminated in my skillset as a practitioner of the Arvigo Techniques of Maya Abdominal Massage. I am so proud to be involved in the community of professionals at the Arvigo Institute. The education has been profound. Completed in November 2015, Highlands, NC.

After 17 years in the healing arts, having visited 32 countries and 259 cities, I was led to refine my niche in massage acquiring a Certification in Esalen Massage Therapy. I had the pleasure of traveling to Esalen, in Big Sur, CA , turning the moment of clarity on. The message Esalen imbedded in me with philosophy, ritual Esalen baths, and the Esalen Technique has taken my practice and self to new levels. My certification in Esalen was completed in Asheville, NC. I am one of a few who are Certified Esalen Massage Therapists in North Carolina, July 2013.

Jenefer Palmer, founder of OSEA of Malibu, a seaweed based range of products opened her arms to me in extensive training with OSEA to train spas in their initial voyage with using the line. This organic,vegan, gluten free skincare range has given me a better understanding in the power of active seaweed and its healing properties. Since January 2012, I have represented OSEA and the healing treatments devised for even the most sensitive.

March 2013, I became a Certified Professional in Advanced Peeling Techniques for complex skin conditions under the instruction of PCA Skincare. PCA is a Skincare line endorsed by the American Cancer Society, eradicating sun-damage, reversing the aging process, and rebuilding collagen and elastin have been powerful to cater to a client base kissed by the elements.

From 2001-2011 I was owner and operator of Downtime Massage & Skincare in New York, NY. A five treatment room facility, I saw 5000 people a year, with 21 employees. My mastery of body sugaring (The oldest form of epilation on earth and the least painful of all hair removal methods) was fine tuned at Alexandria Body Sugaring in Niagra Falls, Canada. The treatment menu and retail supported the client base that was committed to their personal care with hair removal. My spa in Manhattan, located in Hell’s Kitchen, was the largest account at the time for SkinCeuticals and Aromatherapy Associates.

Training heavily in cosmeceuticals with SkinCeuticals gave me a firm knowledge in the approach of chemical peels and science of skin. I was the number one salesperson in SkinCeuticals in the Northeast.

My relationship as a account holder with Aromatherapy Associates in London, ignited my use of essential oils in massage and facials. Geraldine Howard, founder and aromatherapist to the the Royal Family, gave me a huge foundation in treatment and product use in my New York facility. I traveled to London, the headquarters of Aromatherapy Associates to acquire a perfect knowledge of 5 star luxury aromatherapy treatments.

In 2002 The New York Times advertised the Aveda Institute opening a massage based esthetics program. I completed the 600 hour program in Esthiology Science with the Aveda Institute in Soho, New York, NY. satisfying my lifelong. I completed the program as a Licensed Esthetician in NY State. Broadening my skill set and satisfying my lifelong passion for skin care.

Traveling to Chiang Mai, Thailand in 2000 gave me the experience of formal Thai Massage Training. The Thai Massage School Shivagakomarpaj (Old Medicine Hospital) OMH gave me a instruction of Thai massage, theory, and its meridian work.

I lived on 23rd Street in a loft across the street from the Swedish institute College of Health Sciences in Chelsea. In 1998 I enrolled in a 2 year program achieving a AA in Occupational Health Studies, completing the 1350 hours required by New York State, the highest standard for massage therapy in the United States. While passing the NY State Board as a Licensed Massage Therapist, I was trained in Shiatsu and Western Swedish massage. The massage program was a rigorous academic science program. The curriculum at the Swedish Institute prepared me to walk into any treatment room and have the education and hands on training to be of support to anyone. My home in New York City was a 20 year experience.

I am a Gemini. The Gemini is famous for adaptation, having more than one occupation in their lifetime. Living in San Francisco, CA, I graduated the California Culinary Academy with AA in Culinary Arts in 1991.Food has always been “another language” for me, as well as food being one of the most healing things on Earth. I completed my degree in an externship with the Ritz Piccadilly, London, England, as a First Commi in Afternoon Tea Pastry.

I worked for ten years as a professional chef (1990-2001) in Switzerland, England, and Spain. My experience as a chef stems from chocolatier, Sous Chef, Private Chef, and Catering Chef. Working in restaurants like Gotham Bar and Grille, and Moomba was some of the hardest manual labor one could do. I was a head chef at Tentation Potel and Chabot, catering parties for the Met and being a part of a sit down for 2200 for Lady Diana. I was a private chef for the CEO of Abercrombie & Fitch. My love of food came from my wanting to make the masses smile. I enjoyed my gastronomic experience and study of food. In reflection, my work with God’s Love We Deliver feeding 2600 homebound with AIDS was the most rewarding in my professional career as a chef.

In 1988 I graduated from Fairfax High School in West Hollywood, CA. Growing up in LA, I worked for my father’s veterinarian clinic, and worked in the retail clothing industry on Melrose Avenue.

Ray's Story...

Ray Pruett - Cosmetologist (NC)

I was born into a family with a strong interest in the healing arts. My father was the first acupuncturist in North Carolina. This was very avant-garde for North Carolina in the 1970s. My childhood was definitely colorful.

I had a childhood fascination with make up and cosmetic potions. Soon I learned that I also have a natural gift with hair. By the time I was 18 years old I was seeing 25 people per week in my home living room. A very kind and generous friend insisted that I go to cosmetology school and she set it up for me. My first week at Leon's Beauty School a company named Aveda had a special weekend training at our school to announce their new natural product line. I immediately felt a connection. After cosmetology school I helped open the first Aveda concept salon in North Carolina, Devas. I worked there with the same wonderfully talented team of people for 10 years. During that time I also taught on the road for Aveda. I did trade shows, platform work and in salon education programs. I was also on the US artistic team for the Dutch haircolor manufacturer Keune for the first two years it was in the United States. I owned and operated my own salon and spa for four years. Then was the creative director for Chakras Spa in Greensboro North Carolina. We had over 50 hairdressers, spa and support staff. During that time, I attended the Aveda London Academy for advanced haircolor and haircutting techniques.

At the height of my hairdressing career I had a major shoulder accident. A posterior dislocation and total destruction of my humeral head and shoulder capsule. I was misdiagnosed by two doctors and my third doctor was the head of sports medicine for Duke University. He did an amazing reconstruction of my shoulder. He also informed me that I would never do hair or spa services again. I reinvented my world.

One of my clients was the CEO of a start up music software company. She hired me to consult on design and aesthetics of the office. She quickly understood that I was also a computer geek. The software was very sophisticated and involved live playback of recorded samples of the London Symphony Orchestra. I really saw the vision of application in live performance in Broadway style shows. I was instrumental in project managing the software code base with a full staff of developers to have a product that actually would work for live performance. I worked at trade shows meeting customers, I built relationships with theatrical rights houses in New York and did mountains of research on copyright law and digital rights management. NOTION Music still exists today and the software is what it is today because of the work that I did. The company was sold two years ago and is still successfully supporting live performances of touring Broadway shows. That was a very exciting part of my life and I learned a great deal. Reinvention time again.

The healing arts still are at the core of my being. I have been an advocate for clean air, clean water and local clean food all of my life. I teach people that they are responsible for the thoughts in their head and if they really want to be beautiful it starts there. I have gained so many skills over my lifetime to date. I am committed to being kind, loving and to seeking the truth in all of my relationships. I am mindful of the footprint that I leave on this earth. I am mindful of the vibration that I contribute to this moment. The product lines I use align with my philosophy too.

In September 2016, I completed a case study program for Holistic Facials with Neal’s Yard Remedies. I completed my course at the flagship site in Covent Garden, London at Neal’s Yard Remedies. NYR has provided me with a Certification in Holistic Facial Massage.

So, I don’t see many new clients. Please feel free to request an appointment, however, it's possible that I may not be able to accommodate you due to the larger number of requests than available time in my schedule.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How do I make an appointment?

A: Schedule online using the online scheduling at the bottom of the page.

Q: What is your cancellation policy?

A:  You have scheduled a private room, change or cancellation earlier than 24 hours requires full payment.  Last minute cancellations or No Shows will
be subject to payment in full.  

Q: Where are you located exactly?

A: Our address is 2540 Greenwich Rd. Winston Salem, 27104. Greenwich runs between Knollwood and Country Club. We are the 4th house on the right coming from Knollwood. We are located in a residential neighborhood, there is no signage. Brick with black shutters. Please park in back. There is generally plenty of parking. We have 3 large raised bed garden boxes there, so you’ll know you’re at the right house. Come up to the sunporch on the back of our house instead of the front door.  

Q: Are there showers?

A: Yes.

Q: As a male or a female client I like to wear scented lotion, perfume/cologne/aftershave, and body spray. Is this a issue?

A: We have a policy of asking the guest never wear fragrance. We are and many of our clients are very sensitive to manufactured fragrances.

Q: In the Arvigo Therapy, as you massage the abdominal to the pubic bone, am I naked?

A: In the Arvigo Therapy, underpants can remain on for comfort level. There is always a draping. You are never exposed.

Q: In the Arvigo Treatment, is there contact with the genitals?

A: In Arvigo Therapy the experience is so profound we use prayer and song to allow the body to have its own experience in healing. There is never any contact with genitals.

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